7 Booking Rules

  1. Bookings will not be accepted if you have outstanding subs or hut fees.
  2. The hut door lock combination will be emailed to you on full payment and confirmation of booking.
  3. Any fees for your booking are to be paid online immediately after booking.
  4. If the hut is full when you wish to book in, you can ask to be put on the waiting list and be advised if a vacancy comes up.
  5. All bookings for a Saturday night over the winter season must pay for two nights. The extra night can be taken either Friday night or Sunday night.
  6. Summer Rates – ALL RATES are HALF of the winter rates except School party is $20 per person per night. Summer rates begins when RAL closes winter operations and ends when RAL opens for winter season.
  7. To ensure that everyone gets a fair opportunity to use the hut, you can only have two weekend bookings at any one time