Special price for new members  $100
To inquire about this Click Here  See below for details.

Our members come from all over the North Island and new members are always welcome.
If you don’t find the information you are looking for on this site, please feel free to contact one of our committee members on the contact page
New members and families are welcome,  Click Here to send us a joining request.

Fees for first year of joining
New membership:    $100 special  (First year only)
This is for  singles, couples and family’s. Conditions apply.
Fees after the first year will be the standard fee set at each AGM

The current fees for current members are as follows.
Family membership:       $429    Less 33%  ($  141.57)  – if work party attended 
Couple  membership:      $214     Less 33%  ($  70.62)  – if work party attended
Single membership:         $107    Less 33%  ($  35.31)  – if work party attended
Associate membership:   $10
Associate members pay full non-member rate when staying overnight.

All Subs are payable before 31 May.
A prompt payment discount of 10% applies if paid before 1st of June.

Annual work party discount: 
This is available each year for family, couple or single memberships, if a working party is attended.  Currently it is a 33% discount.
The club is maintained by the efforts of its members.  All members are invited to attend one weekend work-party in late summer, or loose the work party discount.
Work parties, while not compulsory are a good place to meet people.

Nightly rates: 
To view nightly rates for members and non members, CLICK HERE 

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